From Epiphany to Eco-Revolution: Lokou Trading's Story

In the midst of Gilgit Baltistan's breathtaking landscapes, Zahir Abbas had an epiphany while studying in China – the need for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags. Driven by this realization, he founded Lokou Trading (LTC) with a mission to free his homeland from plastic's grip. LTC introduced water-soluble laundry bags and biodegradable garbage bags, pollution fighting on multiple fronts.

Zahir's mantra, "clean environment, breathe well," resonated with WWF's alarming statistic: 65% of Pakistan's pollution was attributed to plastic waste. LTC's solutions aimed to replace plastics with non-toxic, eco-friendly materials that harmlessly degrade.

Collaborations with key players like Aga Khan University Hospital and Shifa International propelled LTC's reach. Water-soluble laundry bags curbed infections in healthcare settings, while biodegradable bags found homes in diverse industries, from hospitality to waste management.

Zahir's journey showcases the transformative power of a single idea. LTC evolved into more than a business; it became a beacon of change, illuminating a path to a cleaner, healthier Pakistan. Through his vision, Zahir not only reduced plastic waste but also ignited a spark of consciousness, leaving an enduring legacy for future generations.