Hunger for creative space – ololohausOsh

Co-founders of ololohaus Osh, Ainura and Daniyar Amanalievs, with Atai Sadybakasov, are bringing communities together to stimulate creativity, entrepreneurship and networking in their newest coworking space
ololohausOsh was empowered through the social investment of Accelerate Prosperity, an initiative of Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), co-financed by USAID Kyrgyz Republic within Demilgeluu Jashtar project.

ololohaus is the largest co-working network in Central Asia, which offers an open space for arts, business and the exchange of ideas. It's a new of way to stimulate the generation and accumulation creativity, entrepreneurship and networking among people of all genders, ages, and social, economic and ethnic backgrounds.

Before scaling-up in Osh, ololohaus has proven its viability as a business model with social impact with three dynamic coworking spaces operating successfully in Bishkek. Accelerate Prosperity Kyrgyzstan proudly partnered with a local private investor to co-finance the expansion of ololohaus Osh. As the result, the ololohaus community is now accessible for creative people, freelance journalists, businesses, youth and women in the second largest city in Kyrgyzstan.
The project created two jobs for women and three for men so far. Every week, ololohaus serves up to 100 people through various events that support the generation of new ideas, art, socialization, collaboration and the celebration of life.

Co-founders Ainura and Daniyar Amanalievs were surprised by the highly active levels of engagement and dynamic participation they noticed from locals at the first events they launched at ololohaus Osh.

"When we were thinking of expanding our next coworking space in Osh, we were told many times it would be an unsuccessful idea. Because people are in Osh are seen as too passive, conservative or kind of introverted. However, in reality, it turned out to be totally the opposite. People are hungry and open for new knowledge," says Ainura.

"The last Grabli Night (presentations of business failures) confirms it. Even when it finished too late, around 10:30PM, the majority stayed. By the way, 80% of them were women with kids, which sounds almost unreal as Osh was also described as restricting women's participation in social life," continues Daniyar.
ololohaus is not the first coworking space in Osh, there is one that's been functioning for a year. A town of 300,000 citizens now has an alternative space with its own mission: "getting people out of their shells."

Daniyar explains that the launch of ololohaus is well-timed, as more people are seeking a platform to express their identity and experience the beauty of collaboration without the fear of being judged or overlooked.
MARCH, 16 / 2018