Pre incubation

Inspire Prosperity

AP inspires entrepreneurial spirit among the people, specifically youth, by conducting a series of business ideation workshops, events and inspirational campaigns in collaboration with Government, private sector and most importantly, grassroots-level civil society institutions and groups. These campaigns use knowledge products (documentaries, brochuressee more

Prosperity Cup

Prosperity Cup is a business model competition, where established local and national entrepreneurs and business s management specialists extend business mentoring/ coaching to up to 30 entrepreneurs see more

Prosperity Week

Inspired by Google for Entrepreneurs, the purpose of the Prosperity Week is to bring together all the relevant players of the industry (mentors, technical experts, established entrepreneurs, investors, sponsors & lenders) to advise you on creating a real company. Based on Google’s model, key activities in the Prosperity Week includes
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Pro Excel

ProExcel is AP’s business acceleration program which provides tailored pre-and post-investment mentorship and technical assistance (TA) to existing SMEs. These are companies in which AP has or plans to make investments. Startups that have gone through incubation (Prosperity Cup) and received investments from AP or others are also eligible for acceleration.
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Prosperity Activists

AP’s Prosperity Activists consist of a large pool of more than 80 established local and national entrepreneurs from various sectors for extending mentorship to startups and existing businesses under its business incubation and acceleration programs (i.e. Prosperity Cup and Accelerate Prosperity, respectively).
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Pitch For Prosperity

AP provides seed finance (up to PKR2 million) to promising new entrepreneurs and offer startup and early growth finance (up to PKR10 million) to small enterprises. AP, with AKFED-IPS, will also intermediate one-to-two pilot SME investments (up to $500k) in growing established firms to establish proof-of-concept for a future envisioned AKDN SME Investment Fund
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AP’s proSpace is a purpose built co-working and multi-functional community space that supports all incubation, acceleration and mentorship programs. ProSpace offers post-incubation and acceleration facilities (physical and ICT) to the entrepreneurs to startup and operate their businesses, network, convene meetings, and link with mentors and advisors, for a specified period on affordable rates.
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Prosperity TAF

AP’s technical assistance facility or TAF is tailored advisory and consultancy services intended for businesses as well as public and private sector institutions.
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